Trials Frontier - Shredder

The amount of gold needed to upgrade any bike parts is huge compared to the amount I can now generate from the tracks. It's now taking me two or three days of playing the game just to update one part.

The wait timers & gold needed are getting longer but the revenue generation is now forcing you down the in-app purchases route.

It's been fun for a while but it's now time for me to quit, shame because the game was very playable & if it had not taken the Free 2 Play route but been price at say 9.99 for the full game I would have happily purchased.

Luffers made a comment in the Tiny Dice Dungeon post about hating games with wait timers. I don't mind wait timers but I hate it when it's also applied against slow in-game coin generation thus the paywall is forced on the player to make the choice.

It's Shredder Time !!

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