Dust - Elysian Tail

Working my way through the many digital releases on XBLA & PS+ to see if anything bites. Disappointed by the checkpoints in Outland & scared witless with Outlast.

I really wanted Deadlight to be a metroidvania/shadow complex style of game but this is where Dust Elysian Tail ticks all the boxes. Lovely characters with great voice-acting & great gameplay.

You play Dust who wakes up with forgotten memories & his greeted by a sword & it's companion Fidget. They accompany you towards the nearest village which is infested by monsters. After you save the village the mayor asks you to go to another nearby village where the monsters commander is based.

You get given various quests from the town dwellers which open up more of the world map for you to explore.

The monsters leader Fuse is a Moonblood creature who are victims of a genocide by a man known as General Gaius. Fuse also tells Dust that he was a soldier in this war. I now have a quest to go to the northern mountains to find more information about the general.

I am waiting for more skills to unlock so I can revisit some areas which I can't at the moment reach.

Looking forward to seeing where the story evolves & what new skills unlock.

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