Remember Me - Completed

The last few chapters of the game give you a few unexpected story twists which I liked, equally there a few boss fights that will make you really stop & think about what strategy or s-pressen skills to use. The last boss fight proving very difficult with it's three stages took me a few attempts before I figured it out.

Remember Me vs Batman Arkham Origins and most gamers would choose Batman but what Remember Me does well is that it works with no issues at all. No bugs, crashes or corrupted saves. I'm still waiting for WB Games to confirm they have fixed the corrupted save issue before I attempt to play the game again.

With my PS4 pre-order now cancelled (Yes!! I have changed my mind again) I have the next 12 months to start working on my current backlog & look at the games I have missed this generation that I really should play. Next on the list though is a return to Fallout New Vegas & Old World Blues DLC.

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