New Game - Mass Effect

I've started this game quite a few times already but after an hour on Friday got bored & switched it off. Abbas was adamant that I was making a mistake & I needed to play it for longer before I made a decision on the game.

After four to five hours playing yesterday evening I'm hooked & starting to enjoy the game. The first few hours are full of tutorials & menu pop-ups, you are struggling to get to grips with the game mechanics & the game keeps on giving you more tutorials.

J-RPGs have perfected the art of in-game tutorials. Ni No Kuni did not tell the player about the all squad command till after the first big boss fight a good fourteen hours into the game. I have now figured out what the various controller buttons do & how to control your squad. The inventory management is really crap, I collect loot & there is no easy way of knowing what I have collected without going through each weapon/armour & checking for upgrades.

I am currently at the Citadel & have recruited a few more squad members. Just need to decide on which two I want to include in my squad, I think I may just stick with the original two of Ashley & Alenko. With the trilogy to play I think I don’t need to buy anything else for the rest of the year.


  1. Stick with them. I thought ME2 was the best of the trilogy but enjoyed them all.
    Now on my 3rd playthrough. My first was a Renegade, my 2nd was a Paragon and this 3rd one is sort of in the middle cos she hates aliens.

  2. Stick with Mass Effect, just remember that it's a few years old now and some of the gameplay and inventory management is a bit dodgy. Forgive it its foibles and you'll discover a superb game in there, just remind yourself they fix all the crappy bits in Mass Effect 2 but you need to get your character and story through the first one!

  3. It took me a few hours but I'm hooked now into the story. I think I will stick with Ashley & Alenko for my squad