New Game - The Loading (Last) of Us

Thanks to this game I can now fully appreciate the benefits of digital media. If like me you have purchased the retail physical media version make yourself a cup of tea/coffee or in my case nothing because I'm fasting. It is that long that it takes me back to my Acorn Electron days & tape loading.

Anyhow the game, yes it has zombies, infected or whatever you want to call them. Wait !! don't leave just yet !!

Like most gamers I am also sick to death of zombie games although I am disappointed that Nintendo have not delved into the theme, Super Mario Zombie !!

The Last of Us is made by Naughty Dog, the team that made the Uncharted series so if not anything else you can almost guarantee that it is going to have a hollywood-esqe story, voice-acting & a great musical score.

Just by playing the opening sequence you are not disappointed by the work Naughty Dog have put into the game. It provides the backdrop for Joel & shows you the beginning of the outbreak. Then fast forward 20 years & quarantine zones have now been set up. A military style regimented system is in full flow. Controlling the human population & rationing the consumption of resources. Yes this game has also ticked the box by having an anti-government group called the "Fireflies". The leader of the "Fireflies" asks Joel & Tess to deliver a package, the package is "Ellie" a 14 year old girl who is immune to the infection.

Ammo is very scarce in the game so you really need to focus on using your melee skills, ideally by stealth. You can collect resources during the game & craft items like healing kits, shivs & my favourite molotovs. I have left the quarantine zone & ventured outside. This is when you start to encounter the infected, in most zombie games they would not be a problem because you will have stacks of ammo but in this game you need to play slowly & carefully by using stealth to your advantage to either avoid contact or preform a melee takedown.

Similar to Uncharted after you have cleared an area of enemies you are free to wonder around & collect items. I strongly suggest you do this because you can always find healing items, more ammo or materials for crafting hidden away in a locked room or desk drawer.

It has been a promising first few hours of play-time & I'm looking (not) forward to loading up the game again.


  1. Nothing you have said, or I've read elsewhere has made this game seem in slightest bit appealing to me. I hated Uncharted, I hate zombie games, I hate limited ammo. I see nothing here to interest me.

  2. Luffers, I love a game with a good story & so far The Last of Us has an interesting story to tell.

    I have played a bit more today & you say you hate Zombie games. Yes The Last of Us has zombies, infected or whatever you call them but that is not from what I have played the developers are looking at the relationship between Joel & Ellie for the main focus, this makes it even more interesting after playing the opening sequence.

    Limited Ammo actually makes it challenging, otherwise you would just be running & shooting through sections but now you have to carefully think how & with what you will take out any infected/soldier/enemy you encounter. If you want to at all, there are sections which you can complete without even killing any enemy.

    It is better than Uncharted.