Red Dead Redemption - Challenges

Dueling is a bit hit & miss I don't really know what I am doing & have been lucky so far, equally using the rope also needs some more practice. The random events sometimes it is difficult to know who is the law & who is the criminal & I have ended up shooting the law by mistake. Which I then have to reload the game, I think I am just going to ignore these now & I still have not managed to shoot off a hanging victim in these random events.

Spent most of my time over the past few days on the challenges & side 
quests. I enjoy the treasure hunting challenge & sharpshooter but collecting the flowers is just boring. Making quite a bit of money from hunting animals I came across a pack of 15 wolves whilst treasure hunting & after skinning them made quite a bit of cash. I hate that there is no option to turn off the skinning animation with all the blood splats.

I have not done any of the horse rustling side quests but have completed a few others you get from traveling the area. Really enjoyed the sharpshooter challenge of shooting 5 birds on top of the train. I have a big W on my map which I keep ignoring but I think I am at the point where I need to go back to the main storyline.

Reading the above back it seems quite negative but actually far from it, the game is great fun & I love the setting & gorgeous scenery.

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