Wii U - Family Time

I have never completed a game on the Wii, the only time I would play any games would be with the kids. So either Wii Sports or one of the Mario Party games.

Time to test out the Wii U in the same capacity, firstly you will need wii remote controllers. Ideally the motionplus variant because Metroid Blast & Zelda do not work without them, so I could not test those two games.

Mario Chase has the tablet player running around the map with the other players chasing him down. A simple game which after a few plays loses interest.

Luigi's Ghost Mansion is great fun, the tablet player is the ghost & the others Luigi playing ghostbusters trying to capture the ghost. It's easily the most fun game on Ninendoland.

Animal Crossing Sweet Day has the tablet player whacking the other players who are trying to gobble sweets. You can have two players on the tablet each controlling one stick, it has a nice team-play element, this might grow on us the more we play it.

Pikmin Adventure is very enjoyable team based quest adventure, quite a surprise really & could easily be a full game release with more content, one that I look forward to playing when we have more time.

The first few days of the console were disappointing mainly due to NSMBU but I am now starting to enjoy it more, I love that you can turn the tablet on without needing the television to access certain features of the OS. It feels like a XXL DS console but not too heavy to hold, just wished the battery life would last a bit longer. 

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