Tomb Raider - Death Sequences

Uggh !! way to graphical & too much blood. You have action sequences in the game that have you controlling Lara down a slope or jumping over obstacles but it you miss a step in the sequence then Lara is met with a gruesome death.

One particular section proved very difficult and I died a few times attempting the sequence only to end up getting Lara impaled in the head every time.

I even paused the game to check the options to see if there was a setting to turn the gore off.

Trial & error prevailed and I eventually finished the sequence. I just don't know how anyone could have sat down & designed those death sequences without feeling sick.

Anyhow I've just finished the Solarii Fortress section & apart from the quick time events I'm enjoying the game very much. 

I've also unlocked the tier 3 skill set & now have a shotgun/machine gun to carry around.

Although I still prefer to use the bow with a fire arrow to set the enemies alight.

I'm a fire-starter, twisted fire-starter !!

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  1. Yes, the bow is fun and I also tended to use the shotgun a lot.
    My graphics glitched during the Fortess section (PC version) so I wasn't able to see what it actually looked like due to the multicoloured dots swirling all over the place. A patch has fixed it though so will need to replay the game sometime. Got through that section through trial and error and the graphics were fine in the next area. I thought my gfx card was having a fit!