New Game - Word Derby

A variation on the word making game, this time you are in a horse race & the words you make will make your horse race to the 200m finishing line.

You can only use certain letters to make your word & the usual bonus tiles of a DW (Double Word), TL (Triple Letter) etc  are all in the game.

There are also extra powerups you can use during the game only once per skill. Boost, Bomb (This will destroy the starting letter, letting you create any word) & my least favourite catchup. This powerup will let the losing rider catchup to the rider in the lead. Annoying power-up especially for the person in the lead who has built up a margin only to have it taken away.

My suggestion would be to replace this power-up with "Gallop" which will let you create two words in one turn.

Apart from the catchup power-up, it is an enjoyable game & can be played with up to 4 players.

Send me an invite if you fancy a game.

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