Splurge - 2012

I am posting this dangerously a few days early but I don't envisage buying any more games except maybe if Xcom is on sale below £15 anywhere not that I have stuck to that price target. Looking over they ear my impulse purchase price seems to be once a game goes below £20.

Overall total coming in just under 1K at £982.03. The Xbox 360 being the most popular console with £647.99 & the DS the least with only £6.

Just under 1K is not bad for a years expenditure but next year will be different especially if we see new console releases by Microsoft & Sony.

26/12 - Update

Now Purchased XCom & I forgot to add Assassins Creed 3 to the list. Total now stands at  £1,036.51

28/12 - Update

Another update !! I tried an hour of Episode 1 of Walking Dead, it's good so I needed to buy more Xbox points to purchase all the episodes.

Total now at £1053.50

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