New Game - Fifa 13

The last few weeks apart from the odd session on Borderlands 2 most of my time has been spent playing Fifa 13 & in particular the Ultimate Team mode.

For those that do not know Ultimate Team is management mode in which you buy & sell players to build your squad & compete in various tournaments & seasons.

By winning in matches & selling players you get coins which you can use to purchase players, contracts & other items.

It is very addictive gameplay which is why Borderlands 2, Uncharted 2 & Skyrim have taken a back seat.

I have played 50 matches with 49 wins & one defeat. My bronze squad is now complete with all 70+ pace players & even quite a few 80+ players. My silver squad is still a work in progress because finding English 442 players are very difficult on the cheap.

I have managed to purchase quite a few bargains inc a 94 contract bronze LM (Left Midfield)  for only 200 coins !!

Now I just need to find some English Silver CB (Centre Back)

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