Skyrim Diary - Entry 23 - Alftand

It's Friday so that can only mean Skyrim day !!

I am on the quest Elder Knowledge searching the dwemer ruin Alftand for an Elder Scroll.

You get to fight a lot of dwemer enemies who are basically mechanical robots. Easily defeated by my Red Bane Sword & fire spells.

There is a section in the ruins that has you walking down a spiral platform & whilst under attack Jzargo decided to jump off this platform to his death but managed to knock into me & I promptly followed him down to my doom. I then asked him to wait at the top of this section whilst I dealt with all the enemies before asking him to follow me.
Later the ruins you come across Falmer who are a more tougher opponent, especially the Nightprowler & Gloomlurker. I ran into a party of three & died a couple of times before I had to stop & think of a strategy which involved placing down a fire rune & ensuring after a few attacks retreating to heal myself.

Along the way you find various journals & dead bodies of previous adventures who have tried to search the ruins for treasure. You eventually will come across two who are fighting who fight with each & whoever wins will then turn on you. After you have killed hem you can then use the sphere given to you to reveal a staircase down to Blackreach.

Blackreach is an underground cavern inhabited by Falmer & dwemer machines. It looks very beautiful especially with the Avatar floating like mushrooms. I also started another quest (like I don't have enough already!) when I picked up a Crimson Nirnroot plant. Slightly further into Blackreach you come across Sinderion's Field Laboratory & inside you find Sinderion's skeleton clutching a journal which asks you to then collect 30 of these plants.

At this point it was time to open my fast so I saved. Tune in next week then for more exciting adventures in Skyrim.


  1. I do recall having a quest location for the crimson nirnroot but never being able to find it. So thanks for the heads up.
    BTW if you use the unrelenting force shout on the big glowing orb thing in Blackreach (looks like a big lantern attached to the roof at a certain point) something will happen...

  2. I'll try that out tomorrow. Giving the game just one day a week is actually working for me, albeit it may take me a while to complete but that's fine I'm happy with that.

  3. I also have Jzargo as a companion. I'm a male Khajit so decided he'd fit the bill nicely. Currently in Blackreach underneath the big glowing thing so will be shouting at it tomorrow...:)
    I actually married Ysolda so there could be very hairy children...:)