Tiny Tower - Strategy for Making Bux

Just over two weeks ago I posted about needing 499 bux to purchase the Infini-Lift Lightspeed I had 44 bux in that screenshot. 2 weeks later & I now have 370 so how can you get bux?

Firstly the obvious option (screenshot on the left) you can purchase them at £2.99 for 100 or £20.99 for 1000 so the minimum I would need to have spent would have been £14.95 to purchase the lift. I think I would rather save than money to purchase another console game or another 21 iOS 69p apps/games.

So how did I get from 44 to 370 in 2 weeks?

1. Firstly by dropping off visitors via the lift to the floor they want to visit they will reward you by tipping you a bux.

2. Fully stocking all of the items in your shop will occasionally reward you with a bux

3. Missions when completed will reward you with a large sum of bux.

4. Placing a bitizen into his dream job will reward you with 2 bux. Even if you have all 3 positions full in your shop I always take one of the current employees out & employ the new bitizen because you will always get 2 bux every time a bitizen is placed in a dream job.

5. You will quite often get asked to find a bitizen & when you do you are rewarded with a bux.

But you need to make this process easier for you so what I do firstly whenever I build a new floor I will spend 1 bux to move it next to a similar category floor. If you look at my tower you will see that all of my retail, recreation, creative, food, service & residential floors are together. the next step I do then is to make sure all the bitizens working in these floor have the same uniform.

Kirk Dunn in the example above works on a recreation floor so his uniform is to wear a pirate hat.

This makes it easier for me to find him because he will either be working on the recreation floor or be in the residential floors.

Similarly I have given green clothes to anyone who works on a food floor, purple hat to retail floors, blue shirt & glasses to the service floor & orange shirt to the creative floor.

You have to find citizens quite a lot in the game so if you spend a bit of bux moving all of your similar floors together & a bit of time giving them a uniform. This will make searching for them very easier & reward you with 1 bux each time.

I only have another 129 more bux to go so hopefully in little over a week I should be able to purchase the lift.

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