Halo CE Anniversary - Checkpoints

Surely the whole idea of checkpoints is that when you restart the game you start from your previous checkpoint?

This works well when playing a level and both Abbas & I meet out deaths, the game takes us back to the previous checkpoint but when you first load up the game instead of taking you back to your last checkpoint it takes you back to the beginning of the chapter.

Usually we would finish a chapter and then turn off for the day but whilst playing The Truth & Reconciliation level we managed to rescue Captain Keyes & activated the last part of the level "Shut up and get behind me... Sir" & then the game froze whilst I was killing a grunt. We had to take the disc out to get back to the dashboard to reload the game & it took us back to the start of the level !!

AArgh !! Friggin nearly finished the end of the level on Legendary difficulty !!

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