Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Krazy Khans

I have not played a football game with any interest since the SNES days with Striker & ISS. Football management games possibly since Kick Off World & Ultimate Soccer Manager 98.

Fifa 11 the football game does not interest me because I am no good at it & end up getting beaten quite easily. The boys have been playing the Ultimate Team the last few weeks & the management side of the game has interested me so after finding out about the basics I decided it was time for the Krazy Khans to shine in the world of football.

After choosing my starting line-up from the player cards dealt to me at the start of the game, I signed up for a bronze tournament & within seconds I had scored my first goal (click this link to see the video on the EA site).

The first match ended with me winning 9-0 & more importantly has hooked me back into the world of football gaming. Now I need to delve into the transfer market to find some players.

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