Skyrim Diary - Entry 13 - The Plan

Dear Diary

I received a courier message this morning saying come visit a friend in Riverwood. The only friend I had, Sven died  so I assumed this was a message from Delphine about her plan.

Lydia was still asleep, before becoming the Thane of Whiterun & having Lydia given to by the Jarl I was a lone adventurer. The past few weeks I have had Lydia by my side when fighting dragons, searching dungeons & completing quests. She is a nice lady but sometimes a nord needs his own space, so I left her a note saying I'll be back in a few days.

The Whiterun Stables is owned by Skulvar, he is a rugged nord and very shrewd in selling his horses. Being the only stables around for quite some distance means he can sell his horses at a premium without any fear of competition. One thousand gold pieces is quite a lot of money to lay down for a horse that could possibly die in one dragon encounter but there is some satisfaction when riding horseback across the plains or up some icy mountains to be met by a lovely view of skyrim.

Marr was my second horse, my first Alli only lasted a few days and yes it died in a dragon encounter. I saddled my horse and set off for Riverwood. The path to Riverwood takes me pass some farms & meaderys that surround Whiterun, along a mountain pass and then across a bridge to enter Riverwood.

Delphine was waiting at the inn, she asked about Lydia and then went on to explain her plan to infiltrate the Thalmor embassy by getting me an invitation to a party. Once inside the embassy I should scout around for any information I can find but first I should go to the Winking Skeever in Solitude & speak to a wood elf 'Malborn' who works inside the embassy and will be able to help me. Delphine then walked off and said I'll meet you at the Solitude Stables after you have spoken to Malborn.

Solitude is the capital city of Skyrim & also the home of the High King before he died obviously at the hands of Ulfric Stormcloak. I have never been to Solitude and was unsure of the way so I returned to the Whiterun stables to leave Marr (my horse) and take the carriage.

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