Skyrim Diary - Entry 11 - Saadia & the Alik'r Warriors

Dear Diary,

Talking with Lydia over breakfast about Saadia, I think she was a bit annoyed I had agreed to help. I tormented her by saying that I could not refuse the plea of a pretty face. She then went off shopping for healing potions & left me to go down to the dungeons to speak to the captured warrior.

Being a Thane lets you go anywhere you like without any guards asking questions, so I had no problems getting into the dungeons & persuading the guard I needed to talk to the captured Alk’r warrior. The warrior explained he was captured by the guards because he was snooping around trying to find information on the missing Redguard. He would not give me any more information unless I helped him escape, I agreed to pay his fine & he then told me the location of Kematu the leader of the Alki’r.

Lydia was still not happy about us going to Swindlers Den, it is apparently a bandit hideout. I don’t see that as a problem, I have dealt with many bandits already. We needed to make a detour on the way because I still had some empty soul gems I needed to fill. The plains around Whiterun are usually full of mudcrabs, wolves & the occasional tiger.

We ran into two mages duelling against each other, fire & frost spells were shooting out of their staffs. It was interesting watching them duel & maybe I need to research more into the power of spells. They then spotted us and turned to attack, so we dodged their spells to kill & loot them both.

I also spotted a giant in the distance but I dare not go up to it because he was carrying a massive club & had a mammoth walking along side.

Swindlers Den was quite a long walk away, I should have gone to the stables and gotten Marr (my horse) but it was too far back to go now. When we got near the Den I decided to wait until nightfall before attacking because I expect most of the bandits will be sleeping.

I had been training on my sneaking skills & now equipped with light armour this was a perfect opportunity to test it out. The entrance to the den was guarded by one bandit who was walking around so I crouched & grabbed my bow & shot an arrow straight for his head. A path led down into the an open area of the den where two bandits were sleeping, I equipped my dagger & crawled up to take out both of them silently. They had some nice loot including jewels.

Further down in the cave a bandit archer was keeping watch, so I asked Lydia who was a better archer than me to take out the bandit. She crouched down & drew back her bow to let fly with a piercing arrow straight into the heart of the bandit, with quick reflexes she quickly grabbed another arrow ready to shoot but it was not needed.

Creeping around the corner led to another open area which was teaming with bandits, I counted five or six. Too many to take out by stealth kills. So I switched to my Red Bane sword & cast a fire rune on the floor, I asked Lydia to stay at the entrance to the alley with her bow equipped whilst I made some noise to grab the attention of the bandits who came charging towards the rune trap. The rune exploded and surround them with flames, Lydia fired off arrows & I charged in with my sword to kill.

With the commotion caused we had now attracted the attention of some other bandits including a mage who was casting fire spells. I decided it was best to retreat to the entrance of the alley and with our bows equipped  we launched a barrage of arrows when they entered the top of the alley. We managed to take out the two remaining bandits but the mage retreated back into the den.

Lydia then had an idea that I should equip my shield & healing spell & attract the attention of the mage whilst she would attack with her bow. Great I was bait !! Stupidly I agreed to it and walked into the den with my shield held trying to block the spells being launched at me, then three arrows shot past me & landed straight in the mage who fell to the floor. I turned round to look at Lydia who smiled. There was a lot of loot in the den, too much to carry so we had to pick & choose what to take & left the rest behind.

At the far end of the den another path led down to a waterfall & a voice said "You've proven your strength, warrior. Let's avoid any more bloodshed" It was Kematu "Let us talk warrior"

After seeing Kematu surrounded with other warriors I agreed to talk, I think taking on these skilled warriors & their leader would have been a tough job even for the dragonborn. Kematu explained that Saadia was a traitor & they are agents sent to bring her to justice. I could see Lydia give a little wry smile.

I agreed with Kematu that I will lure Saadia to the Whiterun stables, on the way back to Whiterun, Lydia had a little smirk on her face so I said "Go, on say it?" She shrugged her shoulders, I said "I told you, so!" She just smiled and said "Why, would I want to do, that?"

I told Saadia that I had failed in killing Kematu & she should flee Whiterun now, a horse is waiting for her in the stables. When we got to the stables Kematua was waiting to capture her, Saadia was shocked to see him and just looked at me and said "What have you done" Kematua explained she will be taken back to Hammerfell, I asked "Will she be harmed?" He replied "Not on the way back. Once she is there it is not for me to decide" He then handed me some gold & said "Don't allow yourself to be fooled by a pretty face, you are better than that"

There was no denying she was a pretty face, Lydia looked at me & said "Sorry"

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