Skyrim Diary - Entry 4 - Legend of the Red Eagle

Dear Diary

I decided to take a break from trying to clear the cave of vampires to take on another quest. One of the many books I collected had a quest for the Legend of the Red Eagle.

Mounting my horse I decided to ride out to Red Eagle Redoubt, upon reaching my destination I was met with some unfriendly Forsworn soldiers who were dealt with swiftly. On top of the mountain  was a Forsworn Briar Heart a tougher adversary to deal with but my new fire spells with sword attacks helped me take care of him easily. I searched his body to loot a Red Eagles Fury sword which has the extra ability of doing fire damage when used (I was thinking exactly the same thing - vampire master is weak to fire).

After collecting the sword I also found a note to another location called Rebel's Cairn inside this cave was a switch where I placed the Red Eagles Fury sword & that unlocked a hidden wall into another section of the cave. Upon entering this section I was greeted by skeletons & the ghost of Red Eagle (I don't think he was too happy I took his sword). The skeletons were easy to kill but Red Fury needed a different approach in that I cast fire rune on the floor & ran round him in circles until he would walk over the rune to cause fire damage. This would cause him to stagger & then I would charge in attacking with my sword. Using this method after a few minutes Red Fury met his death, he was protecting a chest which contained a great sword of burning (that master vampire is going to be toast now).

I collected the other sword on the way out & with my new found courage I went straight to Broken Fang cave to pay another visit to the master vampire. The great sword is a two handed weapon so I instead equipped the Red Eagle sword & my shield. I placed a fire rune at the top of the stairs & he happily obliged by walking over it. Kaboom !! I gave out a roar & charged in with my flame sword to slash him a few times before he fell to the ground screaming my name. DIE !!

Victorious I looted him & lock-picked his chest to take all his gold & returned to Whiterun with a smile on my face. The companions were suitably impressed that I had taken care of a group of vampires & asked me if I wanted another job. I declined & told them I would be back, I had accepted a job from the Temple of Kynareth to restore the gildergreen tree.

That's a job for tomorrow, now it's time to go get some food & rest.

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