Rage - Wasteland Revisited

The days are getting shorter and winter will be arriving soon. Time for a visit to a post apocalyptic wasteland, if Fallout New Vegas game of the year edition had been released I would have chosen that but alas that will not be released till Feb 2012.

This only left me with Rage to fill the dark long nights. The game is your standard FPS shooter by the fathers of the genre ID. Visually the game is amazing & beautifully detailed.

Gameplay so far is your simple affair of accept a quest and travel the wasteland to one of the many locations to complete.

Combat offers you a slight variation with ammo types & boomerangs that can one kill the enemies.

Unlike the Fallout games you are given access to vehicles early on and you can upgrade these vehicles with weapons & turbo boosts.

After playing Fallout 3, Borderlands & New Vegas. Rage does not offer you anything new but what it does offer so far is a fine tuned excellent post apocalyptic experience.

Hopefully this will be the perfect winter game for me.

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