Borderlands - Crawmerax Crab Meat

Crawmerax is now tinned crab meat.

We had to use the hiding glitch - "when you come out of the lift go along the cliff edge to the far left corner & crouch down, if you are lucky the crab will not detect you & you can stay hidden whilst the other players in your group try to kill him.

I think this boss would be impossible to do on single player & without the hiding glitch, because when you die & are transported back to the bottom of the lair you have to wait for the lift to come down & if no player is left at the top fighting the crab his health is restored to full. Thus by me being the lowest level character in the group I hid whilst Jaimie, Gus & Jon went shooting with their elemental weapons. You need to make sure you come equipped with a shock, fire & corrosive weapon. The fire & corrosive  weapons you will need to use to kill the smaller crabs that are spawned & the shock weapon to attack crawmerax. Make sure you aim for the purple blobs on his body to cause damage.

It took just over 30 mins to finish him off & you are then treated to a festival of loot, I managed to collect some nice guns inc a 241 x 2 SMG & a 1750 quick health shield. There is a lot of loot so if 1 player stays at the top the others can go to the shops at the bottom of the lift to sell loot & return to collect some more.

The killing of Crawmerax also brings to an end a great gaming experience. Every Monday without fail (excluding DIY injuries) Jon, Gus, Jaimie & moi would party up to take on the hordes of Pandora. For me it has been one of the highlights of this generation "on-line co-operative gaming".

So I say thank you to Jon for always running over to save me from the enemies, thank you to Gus for always reviving & healing me when I'm dying & to Jaimie? You are welcomed - I saved your arse on a number of occassions :)

Till Borderlands 2 ....

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