UGVM Disc Drivin Tournament - Update

Ok each group has a result page apart from group 1 yet who have not finished a race but all 4 races are currently running in group 1 and are nearly on the last lap
Can you make sure every player in your group has started their race
Race Details

Group 1 (No races completed)
a) HaggisHunter
b) gospvg
c) Xexyzx
d) trooperlooper2

Group 2 (Completed 1 Race)
a) Zomoniac
b) actionabbas (3 Points)
c) GusTavToo (5 Points)
d) Sessile (1 Point)

Group 3 (Completed 1 Race)
a) monstermo (5 Points)
b) SomethingWitty (3 Points)
c) Fluffmyster (1 Point)
d) jochta

Group 4 (Completed 3 Races)
a) ThermalSatsuma (10 Points)
b) carldjcross (3 Points)
c) becs (3 Points)
d) Lufferov (11 Points)

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