Here come the GAMES !! - Recap

So a quick recap on my "Here come the games" post

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
Chances of buying? 0/10
Sorry I'm not tempted to play anything on the Wii, far too many games on the 360/PS3 to enjoy.

Deus Ex - Human Revolution (360)
Chance of buying? 10/10
Um I've purchased this already, Gamestop had an offer on yesterday for a few hours and were selling this for £20.97 !!
Now my only dilema is do I stop playing Torchlight/Splinter Cell Conviction & play Deus Ex to ensure I finish it before Batman AC is released or do I put it on the shelf & leave it till after Batman AC?

Dead Island (360)
Chance of buying? 7/10
Depends on the reviews the 4-player campain appeals to me with a cross of Left 4 Dead & Borderlands style of gameply this could be interesting.

Gears of War 3 (360)
Chance of buying? 10/10
It is easily one of the best local co-op games & good fun online but I will not be buying on release unless any offers below £24.99

Rage (360)
Chance of buying? 8/10
This looks like a nice Fallout style game but again I am going to wait on the reviews.

Batman Arkham City (360)
Chance of buying? 11/10
Obviously this is the big title for me, however I do not have a pre-order & will wait until release day before buying just in case there are any offers.

Battlefield 3 (360)
Chance of buying? 3/10
Yes it looks amazing but I am bored of these online shooters.

Uncharted 3 (PS3)
Chance of buying? 5/10
I've yet to play the first two games so no need to rush out and buy the third.

Modern Warfare 3 (360)
Chance of buying? 8/10
Highly likely because the boys want it & it will almost guarantee be on offer on release day.

Skyrim (360)
Chance of buying 1/10
Does not interest me at all, I'm more interested in the game engine because I expect it to be used for the next Fallout game.

AC Revelations (360)
Chance of buying 9/10
Highly likely depends on how I get on with Batman AC & if I have finished it.

Halo Anniversary (360)
Chance of buying 2/10
No interest to buy it on release when it drops in price then yes I will.

Sonic Generations (360)
Chance of buying 7/10
My youngest son wants this game so depends on release price.

Now to go and finish off Torchlight & Splinter Cell Conviction on local co-op.

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