Streets of Rage 2 - Completed

I have neglected my PS3 this generation, not for a lack of games I have Uncharted 1 & 2 still on my gaming shelf. When PSN came back on-line I like most was happy to download my 2 free games (Infamous & Little Big Planet) & use my 1 month free of PSN+

History will show that I only used my free month for a brief few hours to download games that at the time I thought I would play over the month. One of these games was Streets of Rage 2 a little over 50mb, it promptly downloaded & installed within minutes.

Abbas then entered the room & I asked "Do you want to play a classic co-op game?" He pondered the thought, I could see him thinking what punishment is my Father going to put me through now, is this another trip down memory lane for him? But he was happy to join me on this trip & replied ok.

Before even powering up my rose-tinted glasses we had to hunt for the a second controller, unlike the 360 where we have four controllers on the PS3 we really only had one working controller. After trawling through the archives & blowing off a mountain of dust I found a second controller which had a faulty R2 button but that was not a concern in this megadrive port which only required a few buttons.


Choose your characters Axel & Eddie. Now we go downtown to start our adventure, almost instantly the memories come flooding back to me with the 8 bit music ringing around my ears. Abbas is playing along and then turns around to say "It's quite easy, isn't it?" and I have to agree with him.

We quickly play through all 8 stages in approx 45 mins & meet Mr X, he is like the rest of the games enemies easily dealt with & roll credits.

For a brief time I was transported back to the early 90's now it's time to return Back to the Future

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