Sword & Poker - Completed

An enjoyable twist Poker with RPG undertones produces a very enjoyable portable game. Sword & Poker by Gaia is one of the most enjoyable games I have played on the iPod touch even if you do not play Poker all you need to understand is the strength of the poker hands to attack your enemy.

You need to redo some of the levels to get enough money so you can upgrade your health bar, purchase the strongest weapon, although I found the Morning Star weapon to be the strongest because if allows you to stun your enemies forcing them to miss their turn. You can also upgrade your shield although some enemies have a magic spell equip which causes them to take your shield to use against you.

Eventually you get to meet the Lord of Chaos who has a much larger health bar than you, does more damage but more annoying has the Chaos spell which cause all 4 corner cards on a new table to turn to Jokers. Then be prepared to take hits against Full House & Flush attacks. I failed on my first attempt to kill him, managing only to get his health down to 85. Second time round I was more lucky with the cards I got drawn & managed to defeat the Lord of Chaos.

Game Over you think now?
But no you are then given another further 10 dungeons to advance, these remaining 10 levels are very tough & the shops have some very powerful weapons inc the Excalibur Sword.
However because you have defeated Chaos you now get to use the Chaos spell. I wanted to get the Excalibur Sword so had to grind a few of these levels to get enough money. The best strategy for this is to equip the Morning Star which stuns your enemy when you play a Straight, Flush or Full House attack. Then equip the following spells like my image to the right Power Attack, Chaos & Heart Healing.

Start the fight & use Chaos to turn all the corner cards to Jokers, then just ensure you play Straight or Flush attacks, I found that trying to play a Full House attack resulted in a Four of a Kind attack instead which would not stun the enemy. When you have a lot of hearts in your playing pack press the heart spell to heal yourself.

Using this tactic you can easily get enough money to purchase the Excalibur Sword, also make sure you upgrade you health bar by purchasing improved bags.

With the Excalibur sword the End of Chaos fight is very easy because by using 5 of a Kind attacks you do 100+ damage and easily finish off Chaos for good.

I'm looking forward to playing the sequel Sword & Poker 2 to see what changes the developer has introduced in the gameplay. If you have not yet played Sword & Poker I can recommend it highly as one of the best gaming experiences on the iPod Touch.

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