Tuesday A to Z - H

Hermie Hopperhead (PS1)
Another one of my Jap PS1 Purchases, Tronix had it on sale so I imported it
with some other games. It turned out to be a very fun & enjoyable Platformer. Shame it did not get release outside of Japan. You are a like red haired kid and fall into a dustbin & get sucked into egg world. The game borrows a lot of ideas from the Mario games with its level & map world design.

Hoshigami (PS1)
Oh how many PS1 RPG's can one play? A lot because that was all I played & nothing else. Another US import from Tronix, this time a turn-based strategy affair. Think FF Tactics mixed in with Tactics Ogre & throw in a Action Points system & you have a nice long RPG to enjoy.

Halo Series (Xbox, Xbox 360)
Like Marmite you love it or hate it.
I hate Marmite but I love the Halo series.

Maybe it's the sci-fi setting or the main character Master Chief I cannot really put my finger on it but I thoroughly enjoy the Halo Series of games. I completed Halo on the PC but it was not until I picked up a second-hand Xbox & with my son we played Halo again on co-op - our first co-op gaming experience.

We then went straight onto to Halo 2 & I loved the larger areas to explore but above all Tanks, easily my favourite vehicle in the Halo games.
One of my co-op gaming experiences with Abbas was whilst playing Halo. Abbas said I'm just going down the corridor to see if I can find any ammo & then I hear a scream & Abbas is running back towards me shouting " F L O O D !! "

When I purchased the 360, I did not have a HDTV just my old trusty CRT but Halo 3 was the first game we loaded up to play. The graphics, atmosphere, plot, setting, everything was an amazing experience which we went back and relived again when I purchased a HDTV. The games that followed Halo 3 (ODST, Halo Wars & Reach) although enjoyable we are still waiting for the next chapter for Master Chief.

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