New Game - Sword & Poker

Apart from the usual multi player games of Disc Drivin & Words with Friends (I have given up on Carcassonne & Chess with Friends) I only always play 1 game at a time on my iPod. I completed Sorcerer of Fortune & then had to choose which game to play from my 600+ on my itunes account. I decided to go for Sword & Poker.

This is a mixture of RPG elements & the game of poker. You play poker hands to attack & deal damage to your enemy. You earn credits by defeating enemies which you can then spend in the shop to upgrade your weapons, shield or health bar. It’s a dungeon level style of gameplay in which you compete against 5 or 6 enemies to unlock treasure & advance down to the next level. Later in the game you can equip magic spells to help you defeat enemies. I currently have suit order which sorts the starting 9 cards into suit order, very useful if I want to attack with the poker hand of flush. I also have the magic spell of rob (lets me nick cards from the enemy) & berserk (increases my attacking power).

Back to the dungeon I go then to advance another level…

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