Carcassonne Tournament - Round 1 inc Results

Round 1 - There are 12 players who will be split into 4 groups of 3 players each, you will play 3 games in round 1.

1 each against the other players & a group match with all three players. You will get 1 point for each vs match win. 3 points for winning the group match & 1 point for finishing 2nd in the group match.

The top two players from each group will go through, if needed a knock-out match for the 2nd & 3rd player in the group will happen if they are equal on points.

The groups picked randomly below, can the first person in the group create the 3 player match. Use my email I sent you with everyone's registered address to add the other players to your friends list. Good luck & let me know the result of the match when finished.

Group A
Neil (4 Point)
Poppa_F (2 Point)

Poppa_f (109) vs Neil (95) - Poppa_f (1 Point)
Neil (110) vs John (80) - Neil (1 Point)
Neil (71), Poppa_F (71) & John (59) - Neil (3 Points) & Poppa_F (1 Point)

Neil & Poppa_F go through to the next round

Group B
Kerumba (1 Point)
Niaz (5 Points)
William (1 Point)

gospvg (101) vs Willaim (73) - 1 Point to gospvg
gospvg (115) vs Kerumba (110) - 1 point to gospvg
Group Match - gospvg (92), William (55) & Kerumba (52) - 3 points to gospvg & 1 point to William
kerumba (140) vs William (117) - 1 point to Kerumba

Playoff match Kerumba (128) vs William (114) - 1 Point to Kerumba

gospvg & Kerumba are into the next round

Group C
Carl (4 Points)
James (3 Points)

James (159) vs Mohsin (104) - James 1 Point
Carl (150) vs Mohsin (109) - Carl 1 Point
James vs Carl - Result unknown but James won - James 1 Point

Carl (105), James (100) & Mohsin (80) - Carl (3 Points) & James (1 Point)

Carl & James through to 2nd round

Group D
Abbas (1 Point)

Abbas (106) vs Chris (95) - Abbas 1 Point

Bill has not managed to show up for the games so is out thus Abbas & Chris are through to round 2

Ok Round 1 over now onto Round 2 - With 8 players left, it's knock-out time. 1 vs 1 matches with the loser going out.  I will do the draw shortly.


  1. Lufferov (159) vs. Mohsin (104)

    Lufferov wins! What started out as a close game with fairly even scores took a turn when I was able to claim a large city with two of my meeple to Mohsin's one. He couldn't really put up a fight after that and it was all over.


  2. Question: How will the 2nd round draw occur? Is it like a world cup where 1st place plays 2nd place in another group? If so, the full draw could take place now which would let us see what our likely path to the final would be.

    For example winner of group A plays runner up of group B, winner of group B plays runner up of group C and so on....

  3. 2nd round will be everyone in a hat & picked out by random

  4. That's a shame, it would be nice to have an advantage to winning your group. There is no difference between winning and coming second if it's random.

    That's why the World Cup Football draw works so well as it's more important to win the group.

  5. Maybe on the next tournament I'll change it so we have seedings but for now this tournament stays as it is

  6. Okay mate,

    The scoring seems a bit screwy to me too. One point for winning a 2 player game and three points for winning the 3 player game.

    That means I won two and came second once and ranked below Carl you won 2 and lost 1... how does that work? I didn't lose any games, yet don't get the most points....?

    Not a huge deal as we both go through to the next round. But I think we need to look at this in more detail for future tournaments.