Carcassone Tournament

Round 1 - There are 12 players who will be split into 4 groups of 3 players each, you will play 3 games in round 1. 1 each against the other players & a group match with all three players. You will get 1 point for each vs match win. 3 points for winning the group match & 1 point for finishing 2nd in the group match. The top two players from each group will go through, if needed a knock-out match for the 2nd & 3rd player in the group will happen if they are equal on points.

Round 2 - With 8 players left, it's knock-out time. 1 vs 1 matches with the loser going out.

Round 3 - 4 Players left, you will play 1 group match & 3 vs match. Top two players go through to the final. 1 Point for winning each match

Final Round - 1 vs 1 Final to decide the winner.

The finalist's will play a maximum of 9 games (excluding any knock-out deciding matches if needed)