Tuesday A to Z - E

Not many games for the letter E but I remember the following three from my Playstaion years.

Ergheiz (PS1) – After the Tobal games Squaresoft still continued to develop fighting games even though the Tobal games were not really successful. Ergheiz brought with it the quest system from the Tobal games which had you playing levels with your character in a scrolling action RPG type affair, think streets of rage with rpg extras. But Ergheiz stood out for me by allowing you to play with the Final Fantasy 7 characters. Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth everyone but Aeris.

Elemental Gearbolt (PS1) – Working Designs, this little US localization company made me spend a fortune on my PS1 & thanks to them I had the chance to play this excellent RPG shooter. It requires the use of a light-gun & you had three attack types to take down enemies with Blaze Phoenix (Standard Shot), Thunder Tiger (Spread) & Water Snake (Rapid). At the end of the level you gain experience points to level up your character. It was a refreshing change from Time Crisis.

Einhander (PS1) - Another imported game from the US for my PS1, again Squaresoft trying to make something else other than another RPG. Einhander was a scrolling shoot em up & a very good effort by Squaresoft. Amazing graphics with a great soundtrack. The game was made slightly easier for the US market and thus was easy to complete so if you fancy a challenge get the Jap import version. A game I wish they would re-release for current generations consoles.

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