Tuesday A to Z - D

Dig Dug (Arcade) - Yes you could use your weapon to pump air into them and blow them up but where is the fun in that? The planning of the routes to get the enemies following you to trick them with a boulder landing on them now that was fun. They just do not make them this good anymore :)

Double Dragon (Arcade) - The sequel to Renegade & my first co-op arcade experience with Harjeet, Mark & the OCFE gang. The late 80's I spent most of my wages from my Saturday job in the arcades.

Deception (PS1) - A unique game in that you had to create traps & lure your prey into them. After a brief play I got hooked and played this for many months trying different strategies to perfect my trap-making ability. I have yet to use this knowledge & ability in real life to build traps.

Devil Dice (PS1) - A simple puzzle game in which you play a devil walking over dies to match up the numbers for them to vanish.

Dungeon Siege (PC) - You can't have the letter D without mentioning at least 1 dungeon game. My first foray into PC RPG's. Set in a medieval world you are a simple farmer living your life in the kingdom of Ehb until one day your village is attacked by the Krug. Then begins your quest to get help & defeat the evil creatures that roam the world. Along the way you can recruit many characters to help you on your way to defeating the Gom the evil Seck leader. I enjoyed playing Dungeon Siege & it's sequel (except for the save corruption causing me to lose my 40 hours+ game save). Looking forward to Dungeon Siege 3 except its being developed by Obsidian (See my other posts on Alpha Protocol/Fallout New Vegas) so I don't know how good or bad it will be but it will be released on the 360/PS3 so I may take a look because I can't play it on my ageing PC.

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