Slingo Supreme - Where has my luck gone?

I've been playing this on my iPod Touch for a while now, recommended by someone from Beteo (sorry I forget who) & purchased for 59p. It's the simple game of bingo mixed with slots, you match the numbers on the slots with the board & when you complete a line you have a slingo.When the slots spin, sometimes they will land on the powerups you have selected or the Devil !!

The Devil challenges you to a random mini-game with which you can bet your current high score (All-In, Half or Quarter). I always go all-in, if you win you double your score & if you lose you are left with a big fat zero.

When you play the game you have to complete various challenges to unlock stars which let you use the powerups to achieve higher scores. This is basically all you do, it is a high score challenge game but is very addictive and will have you coming back for that just one more try.

Because I have been playing this game for a while I have unlocked all the stars & thus can use any powerup I want. You can use up to 8 powerups, my usual 8 are Bouncing Slingos, Cell Jokers, Easy Pattern, Extra Spins, Instant Slingos, Reel Nudge, Super Extra Coins & Super Multipliers. You can alter these powerups to any of the 16 that are available in the hope that when playing the game they will help you achieve a high score.

I have the easy pattern selected because this will highlight a pattern of numbers on the board when matched will give you a bonus score & helps to complete the award of playing all patterns in the game.

Unlocking an award gives you nothing think of them as achievements in the game. I have unlocked all but 3 awards in the game.

To get a high score you will need to have certain powerups with you all the time, Super Multipliers, Extra Spins, Reel Nudge & Bouncing Slingos are all a must. The other 4 you can experiment with and find your perfect set of 8. But above all in this game you need luck, luck of the slots, luck of the multipliers & luck of winning your mini games against the devil. So far my luck has only managed to acheive a high score of 5.6 million.

Recently the game was free for a day & I tweeted & posted on UGVM. This resulted in a few people downloading the game & getting some truly amazing scores.

Super SomethingWitty with 74.4 Million & Jumping Jochta with 44.9 Million.

The game needs gamecenter support so you can track high scores of your friends & I, well I need some LUCK !!

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