New Game - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

I have so many 'Triple A' titles on my gaming shelf to play including Mass Effect, Fable 3 & Bioshock but above these I decided to go for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I'm not a big fan of yearly sequels, I feel that software houses are just milking a cash cow which eventually runs out dry.

I have not played the first game (ignore my achievements Abbas played on my account) but did play the sequel & enjoyed it very much. It would be up with Fallout 3 for my 2009 game of the year.

Brotherhood continues on the Ezio storyline, thus feels very familiar and more like a 2.5 than a true sequel. I enjoyed the opening FMV which gives you a recap of the story so far, very useful for those who want to skip the first two games.

Currently I have just finished sequence 4 and the highlights for me so far have been climbing to the top of the Colosseum for the viewpoint, attacking a group of soldiers with a broomstick & having my group of trained assassin's help me attack a borga tower. I still need a bit more practice on the fighting to chain up a continuous attack streak instead of my throw a smoke bomb & kill everyone tactic.

I had a quick play of the multi-player but did not really enjoy it so I'll be passing on that & just enjoying the single player experience.

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