Tuesday A to Z - A

The Tuesday A to Z post has returned to UGVM & I will post my responses on the blog also. So to begin 'A'

Angry Birds (iPod Touch)
You either love them or hate them but there is no denying this is the game that has put the iOS platform on the map. The Birds are angry against the Pigs & it’s time for them to attack. Launch your birds to take out the pigs, the high score will reveal if you have 3-starred the level. If not retry or move on.  The main game also has had so many level updates now approaching 200+ levels, I have not yet completed the main game but I am working my way through it. A second game Angry Birds Seasons was released in October for Halloween, this has received seasonal updates at Christmas & Valentine. I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas edition which was an advent calendar design, a level a day. I sit on top of my friends leader board for this pack.

Army of Two (Xbox 360)
Apart from online gaming, Local co-op gaming is the main point for me this current generation because my kids are old enough now to play. Army of Two is your typical FPS duck & dive shooter with some very good set pieces & level designs (sinking ship level) but playing it with my son Abbas the enjoyment was amazing as we planned our routes, swapped ammo & guns, came to the rescue of each other, although if truth be told it was me rescuing Abbas more than often.

Assassins Creed (Xbox 360)
To date I have not played the first game (my gamer score lies - Abbas played it on my account) but the sequel got me interested. Lovely big cities & riding open areas on horseback. The ‘leap of faith’ jumps. Collecting all the feathers & unlocking all the viewpoints. So many challenges & amazing moments to remember in Assassins Creed 2. Ubisoft took the best bits of Prince of Persia and gave it a new lick of paint with a few tweaks and ended up making an amazing title. However I am slightly concern that a year later they have released Brotherhood & another title is to be released this year. Is this going to be an annual sequel now? Is it time to get the cow ready to start milking?

Avatar the Last Airbender (Xbox 360)
Oh the shame !!
Just look at my gamer score – enuff said

Alpha Protocol (Xbox 360)
On paper this should have been amazing, an espionage RPG – alas it was not to be : (
I cannot say much more than I already have about how disappointed I was by this game.

Altered Beast (Arcade)
‘Rise from your grave’
Many a 10pence coins were wasted in the arcades playing this but alas my skill never got me pass the third level. The Cavern of Souls was the most difficult level I played in an Arcade game & to this day I have still not managed to complete it.

Arc the Lad Collection (Playstation)
Don’t know – I have not played it
It’s still sealed !! & I can’t bring myself to open it
I did get a nice limited edition watch with my US Order.

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