Fable 2 - Completed

When I have been looking for an RPG to play quite a few people have said ‘play Fable’ to which I have always replied ‘nope not my type of rpg’. Thanks to a BA post & error on Microsoft servers. I managed to get the downloaded version on the 360 for FREE :)

My son started playing it after he finished AC Brotherhood, initially we thought it would be our co-op game but could not work out how we could use our own characters & did not like the camera angle. So instead he decided to play it on single player. It was not until he purchased his first property that I noticed the game ‘oh you can buy shops?’. My Civilization/Sim City addiction kicked into overdrive & I soon started the game.

I love the humour in the game & it’s colourful which makes a nice change after playing FNV. Like most RPG’s I always tend to focus on a warrior type character with the emphasis on Attack rather than defence, I found my combat style of button mashing sufficed. The main storyline is very short in that you have to recruit three heroes & go forth to challenge Lucien & save Albion.

I forgot to create a save file before the last fight so I could get the three alternative choices achievements. The game lets you continue after the last battle and I have some side quests to complete like The Archaeologist, Gargoyle hunt, Silver keys & one more emotion to get which requires me to be evil.

Although these are all really just for achievements, I will still enjoy wondering the world of Albion for a while, I have not decided yet on the DLC 800 points for Knothole & 560 for See the Future. I’ll wait to see if they go on sale. Thanks Microsoft for the free game & because I enjoyed it I have purchased Fable 3. But for now I plan to go give some attention to GT5 before taking on Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

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