New Game - GT5

Only a few weeks ago I contemplated getting rid of the PS3 (21/12) it was never used, I would always be playing the 360 or my iPod touch. I picked up GT5 before the year was out & yesterday gave it a spin. It's basically the same tried & tested formula that Polyphony have used in the previous games. After waiting for the game to first download a 650mb update & install to the hard drive it was time to play.

The initial home page is daunting with so many options but A-Spec is basically the crux of the game, we started the game with 20K credits to purchase our first car. The used dealership had some useful cars but you had to be at level 1 to drive these. So we ended up purchasing a new Honda Civic Type R (EK) '97 and went racing in the Sunday cup event.

My son is a 360 fanboy & even though I have been trying my best to teach him that each console system has it's own merits, sometimes it's just easier to show them. So I passed the controller over to him & said give it a try. He hates the positioning of the analogue stick so went for using the d-pad instead. By the first corner he quickly realised that this was a realistic racing experience & adjusted his driving style to finish first. With 5K credits I then showed him the tuning shop to which his eyes lit up. It's like taking my younger daughter to a candy shop. Browsing through the various options he announced "Tyres !" "We need better tyres". I smiled and replied "ok". This was a reflective moment for me because it reminded me of my experiences of playing the first game on the Playstation, the various tuning options that were available & the cars you could purchase once you had enough credits. My youngest son then wanted to have a go at the game & through some coaching managed to finish first, I again smiled and he said "it's good fun".

Going to bed I could hear Abbas tell his younger brother "I never thought I would like a Playstation 3 game"

Job Done :)

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