ActionAbbas - Game of the Year 2010

I have decided that I don't need my own blog site, so I will now be posting my thoughts on Dad's blog instead.
My first post will be my favourite game of 2010. The nominees are Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Fallout New Vegas, Halo Reach and Red Dead Redemption.

Firstly I'd like to mention I have enjoyed playing all of these games and now onto the winner and it is.... Red Dead Redemption. This is my game of the year 2010 because it is the game that I have most enjoyed playing during the summer holidays. The graphics are very good & realistic, the game also has an excellent story and is just great fun. I could get on my horse and go riding anywhere & that would entertain me for ages.

Back to the Future is my favourite film trilogy, Part 3 is set in the Wild West, this was my first western themed film & I enjoyed watching it a lot, in fact I have probably watched it about a hundred time. I have watched quite a few Western films but have not played any Western games. Red Dead Redemption game me the chance to experience that & it was an experience I enjoyed very much.

I can't believe Dad did not play this game during the summer but wasted his time playing Final Fantasy, which he gave up on .. EPIC Fail !!

Dad downloaded the undead nightmare dlc when it was on sale & when he buys the game again I will go back and play that. So for 2010 I would recommend you play Red Dead Redemption.


  1. If you enjoyed Red Dead, can I recommend the books of Larry McMurtry to you, particularly the epic 'Lonesome Dove' (which was turned into a TV mini-series) and 'Telegraph Days' which is one of the very western novels that I have read that deals with the mythology of the old west in the early 1900s.

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion Neil, we will be visiting the local
    Library today