New Game - World of Keflings

The sequel to Kingdom for Keflings brings with it co-op play. It's essentialy the same tried & tested gameplay. Get resources & build your blueprints to develop new buildings. You now have three kingdoms you can travel through Ice, Desert & Forest.

I have been playing for 5 hours with my daughter on local co-op, we have now completed the ice kingdom & are working on the forest kingdom. We lost a corrupted 7 hour gameplay save so had to reload an older save.

You can level up your characters by using eyeballs to increase your weight carrying or speed ability. We also have 4 mystery gifts but I am not sure what to do with these?
It's 800 MS points which made it an instant purchase, to be honest I think I would have purchased it at 1200 because we have been anticipating it's release but don't tell Microsoft.

We need to find the final gate piece (Reminds me of Stargate - great sci-fi TV) to be able to warp to the Desert Kingdom - Not sure how you get that maybe by completing a quest in the Forest Kingdom?

But before that we will need to replay the time that we have lost due to the corrupted save.

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