Fallout New Vegas - Give me my 100g with SPEED !!


It’s been just over 2 weeks since my last FNV (Fallout New Vegas) post. It was time to decide who to go with so I went for Mr House which instantly upset the Legion. After finishing off a few loose ends in New Vegas which also made me hit the lvl30 limit it was time to go to Hoover Dam. An alert pops up warning you that there is no turning back from Hoover Dam. You are now on the end game path, after a few sequences it was the Legion vs NCR battle which I let them fight it out & took out the leftovers. The last fight sequence has you fighting one of the Legion’s general but my speech was at 100 so I just beat him on a speech challenge & game over. Watching the end sequence waiting for my 100g hardcore achievement to pop up. WHAT !! nothing, no 100g? Is it bugged? Annoyed I turn the 360 off in disgust and hit the Bethesda forums  and read ‘DO NOT LOOK AT GAME SETTINGS OR CHANGE LEVEL DIFFICULTY’ oh CRAP !! I remember showing my son how to turn Hardcore mode on/off. By looking at the setting and changing the values to show my son it turned off that achievement.

AArgh !!!

Yes Man Speed Run
I WANT my 100g so time for a speed run, The YES Man quest is the quickest path to take for a speedrun. I started with a female character & put all my special points on agility & luck, picked up a stealth boy from the school. Got the snowglobe from the graveyard and went North for New Vegas to get Benny. I used the stealth boy to get past the Deathclaw area, before I got to Vegas I levelled up & chose the Black Widow perk. Then to the Topps and a meeting with Benny, the Black Widow perk gives you a few more speech options which allowed me to kill Benny in his sleep. Along the way I had also picked up the snowglobes , sold them to the robot at Mr House & purchased Naughty Nightwear which gives you +1 luck. With this on I went gambling at the casino’s on Blackjack and won nearly every game. I ended up getting banned from all the casino’s which unlocks an achievement and walked away with approx. 80k in caps. Then I went and purchased the implants & back to Yes Man. To save time I ignored all the factions & told Yes Man that the President can die. Then over to a substation to install a mod & on to Hoover Dam. On any level up I had along the way I took my speech up to max & by now it was at 100. I got past the last guy on a 100 speech check and unlocked my 100g Hardcore achievement. Total time played approx. 9 hours.

I then reloaded my DECISION TIME save point and completed the quests around Jacobstown & Black Rock. I also picked up the last two followers to unlock another achievement. The last few days I have been completing the damage challenges & healing challenges to unlock those achievements. I’ve now got those bar the heal 10K with food. I now have the NCR or Legion quests to complete & the followers side quests. At level 20 I got the wasteland explorer perk which shows me all the locations so even if I 1000g the game OCD will kick in and I will need to visit all locations inc a couple of vaults.

‘Dead Money’ dlc is released on the 21st December for 800 MS Points it takes you to a place called Sierra Madre an extravagant resort which has the greatest casino in the world. You also encounter the ghost people who live around this casino. I’m not going to be buying any dlc for this game instead I will wait till the game of the year edition is released next year to play all the released dlc.

Until then back to the Mojave to help the NCR kick the legion’s arse !!

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  1. Useful information about the speedrun! I'll be doing that for Hardcore Mode, I think!