New Game - Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas, lots of reports of bugs on this game but luckily a day one patch was issued that seems to have fixed these issues. After my first day of play, 6 hours game play & no bugs or crashes experienced. The game itself plays very much like Fallout 3, think of this like an extended add-on pack. So far I have only experienced few things different from the wasteland, some different enemies & weapons. Hardcore mode brings an extra challenge to the game in that you have to monitor you sleep, food & H20 levels. In truth though these don't provide that much if a "Hardcore" challenge, the biggest challenge is the change to the use of stimpacks. These now will heal you over time instead of instant healing, because of this one fact you can't go in all guns blazing & just spam heal with your stimpacks but instead you need to play more carefully & plan your attacks. You will find yourself taking cover & luring the enemies in to you so you can take them out with your shotgun by a bullet to the head. For completing the game in Hardcore you are rewarded with 100g achievement so it is worth playing with it on. A few other changes include the facility now for you make your ammo using materials & weapon repair is now done building weapon repair kits or merging two of the same weapons like before but you can no longer repair at the shop (well I have not found a place yet). If summary then if you have played Fallout 3, this game is more of the same. Time for me now to get back to the desert, I've got some quests to complete ...

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