Left 4 Dead 2 - Hard Rain

Because of Halo Reach I have not played this for a few weeks, I joined Phinlee, Tony & Buckskin to play the Hard Rain campaign. You are in a town called Ducatel, you have to travel through the town, sugar mill & fields to reach a gas station to get some diesel. Once you get the diesel then boy it's fun, the rain comes & with it a flood of zombies. You then need to get back to the boat to finish the level. There are lots of witches in this level, I startled a few with my wayward shooting, also a few chargers who always seemed to go for me. Playing on easy difficulty meant we had access to quite a few med packs which was good because we needed them. The last stage was very difficult to hold out waiting for the boat to arrive whilst trying to run away from the Tanks and flood of zombies. Once the boat arrive Buckskin & I just ran, turning around we saw Tony was down & Phinlee was trying to get him back up. Buckskin then went back to help but seeing how many zombies were around I carried on going for the boat. On the boat I could hear the distant screams of pain my colleagues were under but remembered a previous experience on Left 4 Dead 1 where I had made the evacuation point only to go back to help Buckskin & both of us died. So I stayed on the boat waiting for them all to die & the credits to roll :)

Next we tried Versus mode in which you have teams of 4 v 4 playing as the infected trying to stop the other team who are survivors getting to the safe house, then you switch to play the opposite side. Playing as the infected is difficult at first because you have to learn the attacks they can perform. Hunter I hated because I could never perform the jump but Spitter & Boomer were simple to play. In short we got creamed by the opposing team, they were very good at running for the safe houses whilst killing us off with our feeble attempts to stop them. In our defence for most of us it was our first attempt at playing Versus and hopefully next time we'll be better.

It was good to get a break from Halo Reach to play something else, tomorrow is Friday so ugvm Halo Reach night.


  1. I enjoyed both games - although I spent most of the vs. game just laughing as I died over and over. Technical issues during the campaign meant I couldn't talk to you guys and the two times I turned the mic on, I either got disconnected or suffered so much lag I couldn't move for several minutes - so I apologise for slowing you down.

    I was pleased to note that I caused the fewest friendly fire incidents in the credits, which is usually my biggest fear!

  2. Friendly Fire is me with my spraying of bullets :)