Hardware Update - PS3 - Getting ready for GT5

In anticipation of Gran Turismo 5, I picked up a PS3 yesterday with a handful of games. I had a PS3 earlier in the year which I repaired back to life but decided to get rid because I did not really play it & took the cash. With GT5 coming out soon (5th November) it was time to buy another PS3. I turned on the PS3, configured the wireless & oh joy system update. After the progress bar was stuck on 1% I remembered that the wireless was crap on the PS3 so I ditched it to download on the PC & install via USB. I'll need to buy a 5m CAT 5 cable today. I tested a few games I got with the console before letting it rest for the night.


  1. Hooray. An upgraded gaming system :)

  2. lol fanboy :)
    I did enjoy Motorstorm & Uncharted yesterday when testing