Xbox 360 - "The games that time forgot"

This is a list of Xbox 360 games that have passed me by for any number of reasons, at some point when I have nothing to play I hope to return to one of these.

Bioshock 1 + 2 (I was playing Bioshock on the PC but got distracted by my new 360 & I have not been back to PC since)

Mass Effect 1 + 2 (Everything is perfect for this, It's an RPG Shooter, set in a Sci-Fi universe but for whatever reason I have still not played it)

Halo Wars - It's a strategy title set in the halo universe , what more could you want?

Dragon Age - A classic from bioware but I have yet to pick up the sword to play.

Red Dead Redemption - I have this game but it is sat on the shelf & apart from a few ugvm multiplayer sessions I have yet to start the game.

Fable Trilogy - Have not played any of the Fable games :(

Alan Wake - It's a horror mystery title, it may offer a new experience? I'm curious?

Lost Odyssey - It's a 4 disc huge rpg with samurai overtones

I think that's it - any others I have forgotten?

Anyhow back to Halo Reach

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