Red Dead Redemption - Co-Op Missions

Have not played this in over a month so a UGVM PMG (Planned Multiplayer Gaming) had me get the game back out again. I have yet to start the single player campaign because I was too busy playing Final Fantasy XIII. Not much in the way of turnout for the PMG only Stefcha & Lufferov so we decided after a few gang hideout events to try the co-op missions. There are six co-op missions for upto 4 players to try and complete. We went for The Kidnapped Girl, rescue the girl from Fort Mercer & get her back to Ridgewood Farm. Then Walton's Gang, Fight through the mine to grab the gold and run out of Gaptooth Breach. The the Herd where you need to get a herd of cattle from Pike's Basin to Armadillo, not as easy as it sounds but we managed to save 19/20. Great fun & thoroughly enjoyed playing these missions.  The co-op missions are a FREE dlc download so if you don't have them already get them. If you are going to play online, give me a shout & if I'm around I'll join

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