This is a list of current gaming hardware that I am actually playing.

PS4 (Dec 2013) - The second console I have purchased on release (the first being it's younger brother the PS1), 1080p gaming has arrived.

Xbox 360 (Dec 2011) - Needing a bigger hard drive & a sticking dvd drive led to an impulse purchase to upgrade to a 360 Slim. It's nice in black & is very very quiet.

PC (October 2011) - Upgraded to a new Corei5 Processor with 8GB Ram, my steam library looks at me in shame.

Playstation 3 (Oct 2010) - It's hardly used because I prefer the 360 controller. But it is home to some amazing exclusive titles like The Last of Us & Journey.

iPad 2 (December 2011) - The big brother to the iPod Touch, having the bigger screen does help especially on apps where I do a lot of reading like Twitter, TapaTalk & Newstap. Also very useful for playing iPad designed games like Carcassonne & Words with Friends HD